Walks At Willen!

Living in Britain has its ups and its downs, one of the downs is that we very rarely get warm weather and one of the ups is that we can go all out when it is warm! For me one of the best things to do in this time (eventhough it may sound boring) is go for lovely walks outside in amongst the large space of greenery set where I live!

Willen Lake is a huge area containing of two lakes surrounded by paths, loads of greenery and a few fitness related spots dotted here and there. There is a choice of whether or not you want to take the longer route (two lakes) or the shorter (one lake) however both are great. Coming here is totally free, unless of course you want to come for dinner to the Fayre and Square restaurant, located in front of the main lake, or have a delicious ice-cream from either an ice cream van or, the café where the choice is fairly large other than the ice cream! I will link all photos of today’s adventures below!

As an amazing addition to the beautiful scenery over the summer holidays (starting in the middle of July and ending near the end of august ) you can come and join in on the fun fair! There are rides both for young children and teenagers ( of course adults can join in aswell!) plus a variety of ” do this to win something ” games and of course food and refreshment stations!

I really recommend coming here if you live in Milton Keynes or are ever close by because it really is a great break from being inside and the internet! – xM



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