Autumn Blooms

Autumn is my favourite season because of the shorter days and beautiful leaves and I realise that winter is around the corner buuut I hope you enjoy the attached photos- xM




Packing for Holiday

So tomorrow I’m going on holiday (Poland) and, not gonna lie, I spent the whole day yesterday on my feet with my best friend, and my feet where REALLY hurting, therefore I was not planning to make many trips up the stairs when I got back home whilst packing. I thus decided to share some tips, which I found and used when packing for a holiday longer than five days. Once again all pictures of the packing process will be linked down below!

The one thing that I put at the top of my packing list is clothes, because it is the biggest thing anybody will have to pack and your packing will all go down hill from here! What I really recommend to do is start by, (neatly) dumping most of the clothes that you want to take with you either on your desk (if it’s near your bed) or on the floor beside your bed and create piles of in particular pieces of clothing. My piles where: t-shirts; dresses; long sleeve tops; leggings; shorts; skirts and as separate sections: pyjamas and a reusable plastic bag full of underwear, socks and bra’s; using a plastic bag for underwear (e.t.c) is another tip because it keeps everything together and creates way more room in your suitcase for more clothes! My suitcase also has all the clothes separated for easy access and in the mesh pocket on the back of the front cover I keep some zip lock plastic bags to protect my phone on the beach plus, sun lotion and baby powder to easily remove the sand off of my feet!

One last thing, we are driving to Poland which is a 23 hour drive and we already have some movies which we are taking with us but it is not going to be enough to keep us entertained in the car, therefore I am taking two books, – All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard – my Sony headphones, (I take the over ear ones because they are way more comfortable) a mini notebook for doodling purposes, a pencil case filled with supplies and lastly a little puzzle book for my brother; if we have any time to spare we will probably sleep!

Those are all the tips and advice on packing for a long holiday and look forward to some more blogs when I’m in Poland ! – xM



Walks At Willen!

Living in Britain has its ups and its downs, one of the downs is that we very rarely get warm weather and one of the ups is that we can go all out when it is warm! For me one of the best things to do in this time (eventhough it may sound boring) is go for lovely walks outside in amongst the large space of greenery set where I live!

Willen Lake is a huge area containing of two lakes surrounded by paths, loads of greenery and a few fitness related spots dotted here and there. There is a choice of whether or not you want to take the longer route (two lakes) or the shorter (one lake) however both are great. Coming here is totally free, unless of course you want to come for dinner to the Fayre and Square restaurant, located in front of the main lake, or have a delicious ice-cream from either an ice cream van or, the cafĂ© where the choice is fairly large other than the ice cream! I will link all photos of today’s adventures below!

As an amazing addition to the beautiful scenery over the summer holidays (starting in the middle of July and ending near the end of august ) you can come and join in on the fun fair! There are rides both for young children and teenagers ( of course adults can join in aswell!) plus a variety of ” do this to win something ” games and of course food and refreshment stations!

I really recommend coming here if you live in Milton Keynes or are ever close by because it really is a great break from being inside and the internet! – xM


My First Blog Post !

Hi! Welcome to my blog, I’m M and I will be blogging about any fun/interesting adventures that I may have in the future and tips or tricks about everyday life!

I am still in school ( which you may already know from my about page ) I love writing to get my feelings out and writing for people who want to read about what I have to say ! Some blog posts will have more photos than writing and others more writing than photos, whichever one of these it will be I really hope that you will enjoy them. I will try and upgrade how my blog looks when I realise that people enjoy reading what I write however right now I hope you like it.

Sorry for the ramble, next week there will be a more interesting blog, I will post atleast one blog a week depending on the amount of topics there are for me to write about but for now I hope you enjoyed this little introduction ! – x M